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Etisalat launches blood donation campaign

By Akhtar M. Nikzad-KABUL: The Etisalat telecommunication company launched a blood donation campaign in which its employees donated blood to the injured people of the security forces.

Head of Human Resources Department of the company Ubaid Azalbi said the third phase of the campaign was launched to meet the injured people’s need for blood.

“We understand that our donation eases people’s access to safe and sufficient blood and helps patients remaining in urgent condition of life. All our staff are committed to donate blood and they encourage the other member of the society to transfuse blood and safe precious live,” he added.

“Giving blood to the sick people in the current situation is a necessary measure and we share ourselves in sorrow of people by donation our blood,” said a company employee donating blood.

Enayatullah Hashemi, Head of National Blood Safety and Transfusion Service in Ministry of Public Health said that 400 employees of the Etisalat would donate blood.

He appreciated Etisalat Telecommunication company for contribution of blood and asked people to take part in transfusions of blood campaign for the patients.

“Annually, around ten million people donated blood across the country and 40,000 people donated blood in the central blood bank in capital of Kabul,” he said .

Etisalat Afghanistan is part of Etisalat Telecommunication Group, headquartered in the UAE. Etisalat Afghanistan started services in 2007 and has so far invested $300 million in the country.

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