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Facing persecution, last Sikhs leave Ghazni

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KABUL: The community of Sikhs and Hindus shrank to its lowest in Ghazni province as the last group of Sikhs and Hindus escaped the insecurity after centuries of living there.

Taliban threat and insecurity have forced the remainders of the long-persecuted community of Sikhs and Hindus to leave Ghazni province and take refuge in other regions and even overseas.

A report said all Sikhs and Hindus have solved their properties in recent months just to escape the rising threats embattling them.

Thousands of Sikhs have left Afghanistan in the past decades of war, leaving behind their home, businesses and friends, even a street which is widely known as Sikhs and Hindus Street in main bazaar of Ghazni province

They had had freedom in regions spanning across Afghanistan before the wars broke out, especially in Ghazni, and their temples were crowded and their rituals held without fears of prosecution. But decades of conflict forced them to gradually leave and the last of their community just left Ghazni province.

Most of the Sikhs and Hindus who have left Ghazni have been displaced in Kabul and then most of them left for India and other countries.

In a conversation with VOA, Delip Singh, a community leader of the Sikhs and Hinds from Ghazni province, said, “We left Ghazni and our homes due to increasing insecurity.”

“We have leased our properties to Ghazni residents after leaving,” he said, adding, “Afghanistan is our homeland and if security improves we will return”.

The number of this community now has shrunk from thousands to hundreds, mostly living in Kabul and Nangarhar province.

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