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Geopolitics and Conflict of Afghanistan

By Saifullah Ahmadzai

Yesterday, Tuesday on 19/ Jan/ 2021, Mahmood Tarzi Think Tank of the Regional Studies Center, Academy of Sciences of Afghanistan held a scientific gathering title “Geopolitics and Conflicts of Afghanistan”. Dr. Sardar Mohammad Rahimi who has done PhD in Geopolitics and currently serving as deputy of quality assurance, ministry of education of Afghanistan.

At the beginning of the session Niamatullah Akhgar academic member of the Regional Studies Center welcomed the audience and introduced the presenter and topic of the conference.

“Mahmood Tarzi think tank’s goal is to invite prominent scholars for delivering presentation on important national and regional political, economic and social topics and share information with scientific community, government and public” Akhgar added. For depth discussion he asked Dr. Rahimi to carry forward the presentation.

Dr. Sardar Mohammd Rahimi started the discussion with introduction to the term Geopolitics and elaborated it from multi dimensions. He stated the concept of Geopolitics is dynamic and changeable with passage of time and he presented that different definition of Geopolitics related to different periods of time.

Further; he said that Geopolitics is not historical and theoretical but it is an updated subject of matter and is a branch of knowledge which can really contribute for the peace, stability, security, growth and prosperous future of a country and region.

Moreover; he assumed Afghanistan is one of those countries which has many geopolitical characteristics such as it has problems over Durand line with Pakistan and over trans bonder water with Iran which is required to be governed through Geopolitical experts. Additional he stated if we manage these Geopolitical qualities and characteristics of our country properly we can turn it to opportunities if not other will get benefits and it will be the weak zone and challenges for Afghanistan.

At the end he told Afghanistan is an immense need for the experts in Geopolitics so he suggested to the government to train Afghans in this area and get benefits from their experience and knowledge in the essential sections.

At the of the meeting, Dr. Rahimi answered to the questions and comments raised by audience wisely and fluently.

Note: Mahmoud Tarzi Think Tank plans to hold scientific meetings with university professors, thinkers and elites in the country on political, economic and social issues to serve the scientific community of the country.

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