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Human Rights Watch condemns Taliban for imposing sanctions on women

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KABUL – Human Rights Watch (HRW) has condemned the severe limitations imposed on women and girls in Afghanistan, emphasizing the dire consequences of Taliban’s oppressive governance.

The watchdog in a new report said Afghan women have been systematically denied their essential rights to education, work, and societal engagement since the Taliban assumed control.

Over the last two years, the Taliban authorities have been responsible for a series of oppressive measures, which have curtailed women and girls’ ability to access education, pursue careers, move freely, and gather publicly. These actions have also resulted in an extensive censorship of media and information channels, along with an alarming rise in the detention of journalists and critics, as outlined in the report.

Moreover, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) released a report that sheds light on the drastic impact of Taliban control on female journalists. Since the Taliban’s rise to power in August 2021, more than 80% of female journalists have been coerced to abandon their profession. The situation has similarly affected male journalists, with over two-thirds of the approximately 12,000 active journalists in Afghanistan in 2021 compelled to leave their roles. Consequently, this has precipitated a distressing decline in the country’s media landscape over the past two years.

Restrictive policies on women’s lives within their homes have led to the deprivation of fundamental rights, encompassing education, work, and public presence. In a recent contentious move, the group has banned the operation of women’s beauty salons, exacerbating the ongoing humanitarian crisis in the country. The closure of these establishments has disproportionately impacted over 60,000 women, leading to a significant loss of livelihood.

Despite these challenges, the path forward for women’s participation in Afghanistan remains uncertain. The Taliban’s intentions regarding reopening schools, universities, and offering employment opportunities for women have yet to be clarified or addressed.

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