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Iran plans to construct a solid concrete wall along its border with Afghanistan


Kabul: The ambassador and special representative of Iran for Afghanistan announced plans for implementing a concrete wall along the border with Afghanistan.

Kazemi Qomi, Iran’s special envoy for Afghanistan, revealed in an interview with the Iranian news agency ISNA that studies are ongoing to determine the method for physically obstructing the border.

The interview was published on Wednesday, February 28th. He stated that the border blockade between the two countries is intended to be in the form of a concrete wall.

Qomi added that this action “is among the important tasks that need to be done. Although it has high costs, the benefits derived from this blockade are very profitable because border security is essential for national sovereignty.”

Iran’s special representative for Afghanistan further stated that Iran has been working on this directive (border blockade) for years and initial designs have been made for it.

This Iranian diplomat reminded us that the border blockade with Afghanistan is not solely due to preventing the entry of illegal immigrants and combating human and drug trafficking, etc.

He said, “Considering that the enemies of the people are seeking to strike us in various ways, including through the mobilization of proxy terrorist forces, we are not necessarily confronted with the demarcated borders of the two countries but with various terrorist elements at the border, which are supported by major powers that currently use both soft and hard power simultaneously to strike at us; therefore, we must take our border security and control more seriously.”

Qomi added that while Iran seeks security at the border with Afghanistan, it also aims to economically develop the border and is pursuing several complementary projects in this regard.

Iran’s special representative for Afghanistan also discussed Iran’s water rights and related issues in this exclusive interview, stating that receiving water rights is a demand for the rights of the Iranian people and government.

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