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Kabul Stands Against Requests to Release Taliban Prisoners

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KABUL: The government of Afghanistan rejected demands over the release of Taliban prisoners, with President Ghani’s adviser saying that they would not be freed “under no circumstances”.

After Ghani release 5,000 Taliban prisoners under pressures from a Loya Jirga (Grand Assembly) in 2020, the group is now insisting on the release of another 7,000 of their comrades held in government custody.

“Te more release of Taliban prisoners will increase violence, thus the government of Afghanistan is not ready to release them,” Waheed Omer said Wednesday.

Government officials say that those prisoners released have taken back weapons to fight Afghan security and defense forces.
“Our stance will remain this regarding the release of 7,000 prisoners. The previous prisoners including 400 dangerous ones were released under the Loya Jirga consultation. The people of Afghanistan wanted reduction of violence and more preparedness for peace from Taliban, but the Taliban took no practical step and increased violence.”

Omer also criticized the ongoing peace talks between Kabul and Taliban as a slow process, blaming Taliban for persisting their previous stances over governing system, women’s role and their presence in the government as well as pluralism, media and democracy.
“We are running the talks ahead patiently, but I hope the other side also realizes today’s realties in Afghanistan.”

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