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Karzai heaps scorn on US for ‘not defeating terrorism’

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KABUL: Presence of Nato in Afghanistan in the past 20 years produced mixed results, a former president of Afghanistan has said.

The United States and its allies helped with the reconstruction of Afghanistan’s infrastructure, helping with education and other areas was very welcome and produced immensely good results for the country and we are grateful for that, Hamid Karzai told BBC World News.

But the military plans to fight extremism and terrorism were a failure because they did not do what they should have done, he added.

Hamid Karzai criticized the U.S.-led military operations in Afghanistan for “bombing, imprisoning and harassing Afghan people”, saying that was the core of their failure.

He went on to emphasize that Afghanistan is not a failed state. “Afghans created a constitution, they embraced democracy wholeheartedly and went to elections in droves; millions of Afghans are educated,” he said.

He reckoned that the failure of the state was because the authority and responsibility lied with the United States and its allies; and the Afghan people are paying the price.

Violence in Afghanistan has risen, with the Taliban launching attacks and taking more territory in recent weeks. It coincides with the end of Nato’s 20-year military mission in the country.

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