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Lawmakers to US: Promise to us lollypop to Pakistan

Abdul Zuhoor Qayomi-KABUL: Following reports that reveal US has handed over combat aircrafts and military jets to Pakistan, lawmakers on Saturday said Washington plays double game with Afghanistan, as it promises with Kabul, signs security deal with the Afghan government but gives military equipment to Pakistan.

Reports by the Congressional Research Center suggest that the United States had handed over 14 combat aircrafts, 59 military trainer jets and 374 armored personnel carriers to Pakistan from the weapons it is leaving behind in the region. The agency, which prepares internal reports for the US congress, reported that the weapon supplied to Pakistan were earlier used by American troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Member of Defense Committee of Wolesi Jirga, the Lower House, said it is really strange that Washington signs security agreement with Kabul but supports Islamabad, instead. “The US becomes a friend to Islamabad and a rival to Kabul when it comes to providing military equipment to Afghanistan,” he said.

He said the US should prefer Afghanistan in military support because it has sacrificed more than other regional countries in war on terror.

Criticizing the US for its decision to provide military equipment to Pakistan, Kubra Mustafavi, an MP, said the US government has played double game with Afghanistan, by providing military equipment to Islamabad.

“The United States has started a new project in Afghanistan—the Daesh project, which nowadays launches attacks against security forces in several provinces. This is a clear evidence of Washington’s duel face policy towards Kabul,” she added.

She said that nearly 2,000 Daesh militants have infiltrated in parts of Northern Province and it is unclear that where they have come from.

Member of Internal Security Committee of Wolesi Jirga, Ali Akbar Qasimi, said the United States is not sincere towards Afghanistan, as it has preferred Pakistan over Afghanistan.

He suggested the speaker of the house to discuss the issue with the US and NATO representatives.

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