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Ministry of Higher Education Reports 70% Completion of Curriculum Review

AT Kabul: The Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) has announced that the ongoing review of academic curricula is now 70 percent complete, with a focus on aligning the curriculum with international standards. Abdul Rauf Farahi, the head of the curriculum department at MoHE, highlighted the comprehensive nature of the review, encompassing fields such as medicine, computer science, agriculture, engineering, and various sciences.

Farahi stated, “Revision work in several fields, including chemistry, physics, biology, social sciences, and journalism, has been finalized, and work is ongoing.” More than a hundred academic staff are actively involved in the review, with 73 fields already completed, and 35 fields remaining in the process.

The overarching goal of the curriculum review is to ensure compatibility with international standards while also incorporating religious and national values. Abdul Rauf Farahi emphasized the importance of renewal in the academic curriculum, stating, “The purpose of reviewing and developing the academic curriculum is renewal, and considering religious and national values and international standards in the academic curriculum.”

Responding to the initiative, students have voiced their support for a thorough review based on global standards. Mohammad Anwar Bahir, a student, expressed concerns about outdated curricula in both public and private universities, urging the MoHE to conduct a meticulous review.

“We welcome the initiative of the Ministry of Higher Education to review and develop the academic curriculum, and serious efforts should be made in the field,” stated Obaid Sarwari, another student.

In a move demonstrating government commitment, the current cabinet has delegated the responsibility of reviewing the academic curriculum to an appointed committee. As the curriculum review progresses, stakeholders anticipate improvements that will enhance the quality and relevance of higher education in Afghanistan.

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