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None is above the law; “New Balkh governor to introduce soon—Noor has to go”

AT-KABUL: With no ifs and buts, the National Unity Government is committed to introduce new governor to Balkh province, a reliable government source said, adding that none is above the law.

He has no right to continue as governor, the source said, adding, “No one is a sacred cow and law is equally applicable to all.”

However, Atta Mohammad Noor—who is also Chief Executive of Jamiat-i-Islami political party, on Saturday returned office in defiance of Presidential order.

Despite of his removal, Noor chaired the provincial government meeting, warning that he would not leave office until government address his demands.

“My removal from office was an organized plot ahead of Presidential Elections due to fear of my popularity,” Noor claimed.

However, in the face of friction between Noor and Presidential Palace, a source within the government who spoke on condition of anonymity said: “The new governor of Balkh province is set to be introduced soon.”

Mr. Noor is no longer the governor, thus he can’t continue as Balkh governor, the source added, referring to Noor’s resignation.

It seems interesting that Noor is still going to governor house and chaired administrative meeting. Recently, President Ghani accepted Noor’s resignation with appointing Mohammad Dawood as his successor.

No idea to which extends this saga will go, because Noor in different occasion said he would remain as governor and his resignation was based on conditions that not fulfilled.

“I have given all authority to Jamiat political party; I’ll go upon the party’s decision. If Jamiat directs me to leave, I do it quickly, but in case of reverse, I’ll remain as governor till end of NUG tenure,” Noor said.

Meanwhile, Independent Directorate of Local Government (IDLG) said that government will soon introduce new governor to Balkh province.

Muneera Yosufzada, IDLG Spokesman has said that President Ghani’s decision for Dawood to take over the responsibility of the province is final and there would be no changes.

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