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Opinion: Street child and the consequences

By Sirajuddin Mobinis-Child labor, or any other work, “that is mentally, physically, socially, or morally dangerous and harmful to children are clearly violation of their right of education. Such hard working would deprive children of their childhood rights, weakening their potential, and their dignity—to some extent it ruins their entire live.

Decades of war and instability have deprived millions of Afghan children from education and have put them in the streets of doing child labor in order to feed their families. Annual report issued by UN at the end of 2016 stated that “Some 3.5 million children of primary school age are out of school, 75 per cent of the mare girls”. Indeed, this is a national chaos as the children are the bright or dark future of the nation and to be optimized of the bright future we need to work against ignorance by educating our new generation.

At the same time, unfortunately, this number has been increasing due to the continuous internal conflict and violence in the remote areas of the country. Based on another report issued by the IDMC (Internal displacement monitoring center) in their mid-year report stated“159,000 people are displaced from 01-jan-2017 to 30-June-2017” among the displaced people the majority of them were children. The most victim of war is civilians but the children are in vast majority—regrettably, this number has been adding more to the number of initial street children.

The issue is getting complicated and fictional every day, before it is too late we need to plan how to stop this or at least how to overcome this national crisis. We need to struggle and mitigate against the challenges as fight or flight is not a solution at all.

Return of the refugees

Since 1975 millions of Afghans have left in seek of the refugee from conflict and instability in the country. Soviet Union, Mujahidin and Taliban were playing vital role in the insecurity of the country. Annual report of the UN argues that“500,000 Afghans returning from Pakistan since July 2016. While thenumbers decreased in December, it is estimated that returnees in 2017 will reach 1.2 million more than half of whom will be children”internal displaced families and return of the refugees is an awful situation, it is breeding infirmity condition in the territory.

Child labor is a national chaos which requires a long term strategic planning in order to put halt to the spread and enlighten the lives of the children with their childhood memories and education, As Mr. Craig Kielburger added value to the children stated that, “The change starts within each one of us, and ends only when all children are free to be children.”Children needs to be released from the current mournful condition.

Our Responsibility

Child labor and our responsibility, are we accountable? If we think we are not accountable, do we need to rethink? What I can do if I am responsible? I have asked these question myself many times and I would recommend everybody ask these questions in order to understand their presence in the society, put yourself in front of the mirror go deep in yourself ask questions what is your strengths in this concern indeed to understand the power of being human you need to do self-assessment and self-awareness these are the infinite power which you need to release as soon as possible.

I am a patriot resident, I feel embarrassed when I meet child labor on the way to my office, I see the picture of my children in them, my conscience asks me again and again do something for them, help them, they need your help at least educate them.

Let’s together support the children and terminate child labor in our country. If we don’t have strategies and thoughts to how help them so let’s find people who have ideas, plans but they require volunteers, they need people like us to accomplish the shared goal. Success is not far, just needs an intention.


Child labor has turned to an undesired situation the consequences of it will smash the future of Afghanistan, the new generation of Afghanistan which is the hope of the country is at high risk of disability, if the situation is not handled carefully it will lead the country to another episode of ignorance and conflict.

The National Unity Government has not announced any specific solution to this national chaos. The current political issues, interior non state armed groups and exterior anti Afghan governments have put their all efforts to add more to the current disorder and instability. Here I would ask every Afghans to contribute to the reconciliation of Afghanistan and the better way to fight against the ignorance is to educate the children.

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