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Police all set to tackle security threat in spring season: Sediqi

The ISIS presence in Afghanistan is nothing but propaganda. Security forces are capable enough to fight any terrorist group under any name, and are committed to maintain law-and-order in the country.

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KABUL: Terming the presence of Daish or ISIS in Afghanistan as propaganda, the Interior Ministry on Sunday said that the security forces are well-prepared and capable enough to fend off security threats at any cost and maintain law-and-order countrywide.

“We are committed to ensure security in the country. Terrorists will fail in their nefarious ends in upcoming spring, as they were failed in spring of 2014,” said Sediq Sediqi, the spokesman for the Ministry of Interior (MoI).

He told newsmen that the Taliban were failed to take control of any district or province last year; they would face the same fate in upcoming spring as well.

Sediqi said the security forces are ready to defend the country at any cost, and they are committed to ensure citizens’ safety in every hook and nook of Afghanistan.

Hinting at reports about ISIS foothold in Afghanistan, he said the reports are unfounded and presence of ISIS militants in the country is propaganda. “The intelligence operatives are paying all out efforts to foil militants’ plans, and have under control all parts of the country,” he added.

In the meantime, the MoI spokesman said a campaign would be kicked off to stop tinted glass vehicles and collect illegal weapons all over the country. He added that the campaign would kick off in upcoming weeks.

Sediqi called on high-ranking officials and influential figures to cooperate with the drive.

According to the spokesman, nearly 79 crackdowns were carried out by the national police in collaboration with the army and intelligence operatives in several provinces during past week, wherein 89 militants were killed and 90 others were arrested. At least 150 rounds of different types of mines and 65 rifles of weapons were seized during the operations, he concluded.

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