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Taliban express desire for positive international relations

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KABUL: In a recent statement commemorating Eid-al Adha, Mawlawi Hibatullah Akhundzada, the leader of the Taliban, conveyed the group’s aspirations for amicable political and economic ties with the global community.

Emphasizing their interest in fostering relations, especially with Islamic nations, Akhundzada underscored the Taliban’s commitment to fulfilling their responsibilities in this regard. The message, delivered by Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid, aimed to convey the group’s stance.

Akhundzada’s letter, shared on Mujahid’s Twitter account, reiterated the Taliban’s principled stance of non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries while demanding reciprocation of this principle. They affirmed their determination to safeguard their own sovereignty and discouraged external interference in their internal matters.

Addressing the economic sphere, Akhundzada dismissed predictions of a looming economic collapse, asserting that the Taliban’s prudent strategies, sincerity, and transparency had effectively averted such a crisis. Furthermore, he highlighted the successful eradication of poppy cultivation, signaling the diversification of farmers’ activities towards legal alternatives. In addition, the Taliban leader emphasized the enforcement of a comprehensive ban on the production, trafficking, and use of all forms of drugs. He claimed that these measures had contributed to the well-being of numerous citizens, particularly the youth, who were shielded from the detrimental effects of substance abuse.

Regarding women’s rights, Akhundzada contended that the Taliban had implemented tangible measures to alleviate traditional forms of oppression, including forced marriages. He emphasized the protection of women’s rights in accordance with Islamic Sharia and underscored the Taliban’s commitment to enhancing their quality of life, aiming to provide a comfortable and prosperous existence. Furthermore, Akhundzada assured that negative aspects pertaining to women’s hijab and instances of misguidance from the past two decades would be rectified in due course.

While the message did not address the topic of education for Afghan girls and women, Mawlawi Akhundzada vehemently denounced the “brutal acts” committed by Israel against Palestinian women, children, and defenseless Muslims. He called upon other nations to fulfill their duty in preventing such grave human crimes and cruel atrocities.

The Taliban’s recent statement emphasizes their desire to establish positive relationships on the global stage, both politically and economically. Their assertions showcase their intentions to govern responsibly and constructively engage with the international community, although the true implications and actions remain to be seen.

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