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Tehran lauds talks with Taliban over water rights

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KABUL: Iranian officials have said positive steps have been taken regarding the Helmand Water Rights Treaty in their negotiations with the Taliban administration.

The spokesman for Iran’s foreign ministry, Nasser Kanaani, told a press conference that an agreement has been made after an Iranian delegation met with Taliban officials in Kabul and that there have been constructive negotiations between the two sides.

“There have been good negotiations with high level officials of the interim government in Afghanistan. It was agreed that the Afghan side will take new positive steps and essential actions should be taken in this regard,” he said.

This rapprochement comes a few weeks after Taliban forces engaged in a fierce firefight with Iranian guards along the borders. The skirmish happened in the aftermath of a battle of words and rabble rousing between Iranian and Taliban officials over Tehran rights to Helmand River water.

Kanaani also urged the Islamic Emirate to cooperate regarding the water rights.

“Fulfillment of this right is a gesture that can point toward strengthened cooperation between the two countries,” Kanaani said.

Taliban Ministry of Energy and Water has said that the meetings between the two sides continue to address the issue.

“The occasional meetings between the commissioners of the Islamic Emirate and Islamic Republic of Iran have been continuing. The meetings focus on determining the situation of the year with the appropriate amount of water, normal years and abnormal years,” said Matiullah Abid, a ministry spokesman.

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