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The population of Afghanistan is estimated to be close to 35 million in the year 1402


Kabul: The recent declaration by Afghanistan’s interim government, putting the population at 34.9 million, sharply contrasts with international evaluations, which indicate a population exceeding 40 million. This notable difference highlights the difficulties in accurately assessing demographic figures amidst the country’s turbulent circumstances.

According to the Afghan Statistical Office, men constitute 51 percent of the estimated population, while women account for the remaining 49 percent. However, the methodology used for this estimation remains unclear, raising doubts about the reliability of the provided data.

The variance between Afghanistan’s government estimates and those of international bodies like the United Nations Population Division emphasizes the urgent need for a comprehensive and transparent census process. Without dependable data, effective policymaking and humanitarian efforts are significantly impeded.

The population challenge in Afghanistan is further compounded by the lack of robust and credible census endeavors. Estimates fluctuate between 6 to 7 million, occasionally surpassing this range, highlighting the necessity of implementing systematic data collection approaches.

Tackling the population issue requires collaborative efforts on an international scale, technical proficiency, and unwavering commitment from Afghan authorities. Only through transparent and inclusive census initiatives can the true magnitude of humanitarian needs be determined, facilitating targeted interventions and sustainable advancements.

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