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U.S. Gives 640 New Military Vehicles to Afghan Forces

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KABUL: The Afghan National Army has received 640 new military vehicles from the U.S. as part of the country’s continued support to the Afghan forces, the Afghan Ministry of Defense said on Wednesday.

The handover took place in a ceremony in the logistic headquarter of the ministry.

The vehicles included 403 Humvees, 43 Rangers, 23 ambulances and 170 motorcycles, and will be distributed to regional ANA Corps, the ministry said.

Deputy Defense Minister, Shah Mahmood Miakhil has expressed pleasure for the contribution, putting the capacity-building of the Afghan Army top priority of the ministry.

“Based on the ministry’s strategy, the Afghan Army will be equipped with modern equipment.”

In the ceremony where the US transferred 640 new military vehicles to the Afghan National Army (ANA) Mr. Miakhil thanked the US and said, “Increasing the capacity and capabilities of the ANA is a top priority. The whole ANA will be equipped with more modern equipment and tools.”

Defense Ministry’s Deputy Minister of Technology and Logistics, Abdullah Raqibi said, “These vehicles and equipment will be used effectively to maintain security.”

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