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UN chief advisor urges pressure on Taliban

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KABUL – Leonardo Garnier, the Special Adviser to the Secretary-General of the United Nations overseeing the Transforming Education Summit, has expressed concern over the restrictions imposed on girls’ education in Afghanistan and called for pressure on their government to reverse their policies.

In a statement on Friday, Garnier emphasized the importance of both international community and UN system pressure in this critical situation.

During a press briefing, Garnier underscored that no nation is exempt from the risk of education radicalization. “Vigilance is essential not only in extreme cases such as Afghanistan, but also in regions experiencing emerging trends,” Garnier commented.

Simultaneously, Stefania Giannini, the Assistant Director-General for Education at UNESCO, highlighted the organization’s keen interest in closely monitoring the education situation in Afghanistan. Giannini revealed that UNESCO has extended its support to 40,000 learners through community-based schools across 20 provinces this year, with girls constituting 60 percent of the beneficiaries.

Giannini also noted the role of local radio channels in bridging the education gap, providing alternative avenues for learning and knowledge dissemination. As concerns mount about the educational landscape in Afghanistan, international bodies like the UN and UNESCO remain committed to upholding the universal right to education.

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