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UNICEF: Afghanistan is dealing with the worst humanitarian crisis


Kabul: The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) announced in its latest report that the people of Afghanistan are now dealing with the worst humanitarian crisis, and the international community should not forget them.

“Omar Abid” UNICEF Deputy Executive Director expressed regret about the current situation of children in Afghanistan and stated that two-thirds of the population of Afghanistan is facing severe hunger, and another 6 million people in this country are at risk of famine.

He added “Now 28 million people in Afghanistan need the support and assistance of the international community, unfortunately the situation is getting worse day by day, so there is a need to provide urgent assistance to the people of Afghanistan to prevent a humanitarian crisis.”

Prior to this, UNICEF had announced that Afghanistan is among the eight most hunger-hit countries in the world.

The implementation of gender-based restrictions and the harsh winter have further complicated the situation for international aid organizations and aid groups to deliver lifesaving services to vulnerable families across Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, freezing of Afghan assets which worth of more than 7 billion dollars by the United States and the sanctions by other western countries have left many of the country’s citizens in extreme poverty.

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