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US envoys urge inclusive governance in Taliban-ruled Afghanistan

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KABUL – US envoys Thomas West and Rina Amiri have reiterated their call for the establishment of an inclusive government in Kabul, currently under the rule of the Taliban. The Taliban’s takeover has resulted in the restriction of women’s rights across the nation.

During discussions with various stakeholders, US envoys Thomas West and Rina Amiri emphasized the crucial role that inclusive governance and women’s rights play in achieving economic stability, security, and lasting peace in Afghanistan.

Surya Paykan, a prominent women’s rights activist, expressed concern about the marginalization of Afghan women over the past two years. Under the Taliban’s rule, women have been excluded from public affairs, education, and employment opportunities, severely limiting their participation and presence in society. Paykan emphasized that Afghan women are an integral part of society and that it is the government’s responsibility to ensure their active involvement in shaping the nation’s future.

In an effort to address the nation’s pressing issues after a significant regime change, some political observers believe that convening such summits could offer a platform for potential resolutions.

Meanwhile, the Taliban’s acting foreign minister, Amir Khan Muttaqi, led a delegation to Qatar (Doha meeting) to engage in discussions with US officials. The topics of discussion included the lifting of sanctions, removal from blacklists, the release of Afghanistan’s frozen bank reserves, and an end to airspace violations.

The situation in Afghanistan remains a matter of global concern, and international diplomats continue to advocate for the promotion of an inclusive government and protection of fundamental human rights in the nation.

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