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US prefers Afghanistan instability to counter China: Iran envoy

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KABUL – The Iranian Ambassador to Kabul, Hassan Kazemi Qomi, has stated that the United States has a vested interest in perpetuating instability within Afghanistan to counter its regional rivals including China, with the intention of making the country a messy melting pot of conflict for its neighboring nations.

In a recent interview, Qomi noted that mutual enemies are exploiting porous borders shared between Iran and Afghanistan to commit crimes such as drug trafficking and terrorism, aiming to foment instability. “Afghanistan currently grapples with an array of issues, including terrorism and the aftermath of departing occupiers (U.S. and its allies). The United States replaced ISIL extremists with its own forces in Afghanistan,” he said.

The Iranian envoy accuses the United States of hindering Afghanistan’s global engagements and deliberately generating international tensions. He pointed out that the United States has subjected several Afghan officials to blacklisting and is utilizing frozen funds as a tool for exerting pressure.

Qomi contended that the US is opposed to the establishment of stability within Afghanistan fearing a stable Afghanistan could attract investments from various countries, including America’s archrival China.

Echoing his sentiments, the Iranian Ambassador to Kabul called for enhanced regional cooperation to encourage the leadership in Kabul to foster harmonious relations within the region.

Regarding the Doha International Summit, organized under the auspices of the United Nations, and the upcoming 2nd Doha Summit, Qomi remarked that, given the neighboring nations’ concerns regarding terrorism emanating from Afghanistan, both Iran and Pakistan possess the potential to assist Afghanistan while encouraging international engagement through regional initiatives.

He added that consistent consultations take place among the relevant parties, particularly emphasizing the ongoing exchanges with neighboring Pakistan.

The Iranian ambassador said any developments concerning Afghanistan would inevitably impact the security dynamics of both Iran and Pakistan. He noted that there has been a significant surge in Afghan immigrants entering Iran since the Taliban came to power, thereby making Iran one of the most directly affected nations in this scenario. Pakistan, according to the Iranian diplomat, ranks as the second country profoundly affected by the ongoing developments in Afghanistan.

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