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US State Department: the Doha Agreement has strengthened the ‘Taliban’


Kabul: The United States Department of State says that the Doha Agreement led to the empowerment of Taliban and the weakening of America’s partners in Afghanistan.

Mathew Miller, the spokesperson for the department, while referring to the interim government’s actions against terrorist groups, also says that the Taliban has violated the Doha Agreement.

“In our view, this agreement empowered the Taliban, weakened our partners in the Afghan government, and committed the United States to withdraw its forces without any clear plan for what should come next. The Taliban have not fulfilled their commitments under the Doha Agreement,” said Mathew Miller, The spokesperson for the U.S. Department of State.

However, the Taliban considers the Doha Agreement a political achievement.

Hamdullah Fetrat, the deputy spokesperson for the Islamic Emirate, says that based on this agreement, foreign forces left the country, and the ground was prepared for an Islamic system in the country.

“The Doha Agreement was a political victory for the Islamic Emirate, which not only ended the occupation but also led to the withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan and paved the way for establishing a strong Islamic system,” said Hamdullah Fetrat.

Fighting terrorist groups, the complete withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan, the start of intra-Afghan talks, a permanent ceasefire, and the non-use of Afghan soil against the United States were mentioned as important parts of this agreement.

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