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Editorial: No deal acceptable with Pakistan over national interests

A few people crave peace more than those who have experienced war. So much of human beings have experienced war and therefore say; never again. The Afghan masses wish and pray for a peaceful and stable Afghanistan. No one understands and realizes the blessing of peace more than Afghans. It has been 40 decades that ongoing war is taking high toll on them. Peace, however, requires certain conditions. Perhaps the most important one is peace with dignity. Peace with no deal or concession to any country, especially to Pakistan that has been supporting militant outfits for longtime. But unfortunately, once again another deal in the dark is apparently on air without nation to be in loop, in which Pakistan tries to gain something from Afghanistan, and if it is against national interests, it is a red-line to Afghans. No compromise with Pakistan over national interests is acceptable for Afghans. There might be some demands from Pakistani army establishment and intelligence agency (ISI), but we must remain vigilant while dealing with Islamabad. There are some issues with Pakistan that Afghan masses are very sensitive. The most important one is Durand Line that Afghans never accept as an official border; never abandon their Pashtun brothers and sisters in other side of the line, something Pakistan is eager to. Several other issues likewise. Thus, National Unity Government must exercise extreme caution in deal with Pakistan at any level. There is too much of what we don’t want in our motherland; too much pain and destruction. There are too many tears instead of what we yearn, peace and security. Pakistan, the mother of terrorist groups, is behind devastation. With supporting militant groups, Pakistani military establishment and intelligence agency (ISI), reduce to rubble all infrastructures. However, since 2001, much has changed, and Afghanistan gradually finds its way toward development. However, noting recent Afghan and Pakistani officials meeting, agreeing on some aspects that followed by Taliban’s announcement of short truce, killing of Mullah Fazlullah, Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), exhibiting progress on the ongoing efforts of achieving peace, but in which price? We, the Afghan people are thirsty of dignified peace without any malevolence design or illegal demand. Knowing the nature of Pakistan, Afghan government needs to be vigilant all the time. Another deceives from Pakistani army and ISI would be considered crime as mistake only once. Islamabad may have suggested some conditions to renounce supporting Taliban or even convinces them to ceasefire. Apparently, high-ranking Afghan security delegation visited Pakistan Tuesday to discuss ceasefire and peace process and from there will fly to Uzbekistan, a state that already emphasized on hosting direct peace talks between Afghan government and Taliban. This at somehow painted a grey picture over independence of Afghan officials—hope it is not. The NUG leadership has to make decision based on national interests and any sort of compromise on our homeland is not acceptable at all.

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