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Nine terror suspects arrested in Kunduz

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: Nine terrorist suspects who are alleged to have been involved in murder, arms smuggling, having links with militant Taliban, and forging fake identity cards in northern Kunduz province have been arrested on suspicion of plotting terrorist attacks, said the intelligence agency.

The suspects have admitted they have had hands in sabotage activities and helping terrorists launch their attacks against the government, Zamannews reported.

The suspects arrested by the National Directorate of Security have been identified as Malawi Sakhi Mohammad, Taliban’s appointed education director for Ali Abad district, Khalid Mohammad, Jan Mohammed, and others.

A Kalashnikov rifle and a car have been recovered from the detainees, said the NDS in a statement.

Head of NDS in Kunduz, Gen. Seyed Amir Shah Sadat, appreciated people for reporting suspicious activities of the convicts, calling upon every Afghan to inform intelligence operatives and security forces should they notice any suspicious person or activity.

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