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Those mourning Mullah Omar’s death will face arrests: Officials

AT-KABUL: Warning the Taliban supporters of strict action, Kabul police chief, Abdul Rahman Rahimi, on Tuesday said that police would not allow anyone to hold condolence ceremony for Mullah Omer, the Taliban figurehead who died mysteriously in Pakistan.

Addressing a press conference he said that Mullah Muhammad Omer was not only the murderer of Afghan policemen and soldiers, but of civilians as well.

“He was killer of civilians and security personnel because the Taliban carried out terror attacks in different parts of the country and targeted civilian and military installations alike,” he said.

Soon after confirmation of Mullah Omer’s death reports, a number of former Taliban fighters held mourning ceremonies for Mullah Omer, who died two years and four months ago in Karachi.

The government was awakened from its deep slumber by the activists and politicians belonging to the left wing when they staged protest demonstrations in the country and celebrated death of Mullah Omer with cheers and anti-Taliban slogans.

Biggest celebration-cum-protest ceremony was held in Shahr-e-Now Park in Kabul City, not too far from the Presidential Palace.

Hundreds of Afghans, including women, young and elderly people, took to the streets of the capital city, Kabul, on Sunday and celebrated the death of the Taliban’s supreme leader.

Celebrating the death of Mullah Omer, residents of Kabul City chanted anti-Pakistan, the United States and anti-Iran slogans and termed the Taliban and other militant groups ‘agents’ of the three countries. The protest was organized by the Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA), where the protestors chanting slogans “No Taliban, no Daesh, no US, no NATO, no corrupt system”, “Deal with the Taliban is betrayal” and “Death to killers and criminals”.

Such protest was never witnessed in history of the country. It was for the first time that residents of Kabul City criticized the Taliban and their leaders so clearly and openly.

Spokeswoman of the SPA, Selai Ghaffar, said that though, the “Taliban project” has reached to its dead end, the National Unity Government (NUG) speaks proudly about starting direct peace talks with the insurgent group.

“Lifespan of the Taliban has come to an end. Their white flag changed into black with surge of fascism and oppression in the name of Daesh. Government shall not talk to minions of the United States and Pakistan. Peace process will not yield positive results. The bloodshed will continue without any pause as the United States and Pakistan want to destabilize the region,” she said.

Selai Ghaffar said that durable peace could be achieved if the Afghan insurgents groups had no connection with their foreign masters.

The SPA believes that the US government and its agents are trying to seal a secret deal with the Taliban in the name of peace.

The National Directorate of Security (NDS) has already warned to target any mourning ceremony or condolence session held for Mullah Omer.

Spokesman for the NDS, Haseeb Siddiqi, in a video message sent to media has said that condolence party and gathering for Mullah Omer is banned as the Taliban supreme leader was responsible for the killings and destruction of the country.

He said that security forces are ordered to prevent such ceremonies as it is betrayal with the blood of “martyrs”.

He warned citizens to stay away from such ceremonies as these sessions would be “legal target” of the security forces.

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