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1,153 drug traffickers arrested

AT News Report

KABUL: At least 1,153 drug traffickers had been detained in the past one year, said   

Court of Criminal Justice Task Force (CJTF) on Saturday, where the smugglers detained in various crackdowns in different parts of the country.

1,153 smugglers were apprehended on the charge of 810 drug trafficking cases by the Counter Narcotics Police through different crackdowns in various provinces during last solar year, CJTF said in a statement. 

“All dossiers of the arrested drug runners were handed over to the CJTF for criminal proceedings.”

Out of 1,153 arrested drug dealers, 55 of them are women, three foreigners, 47 public services protection in charges and 39 students, added the statement.

According to statement 234 smugglers have been arrested in different crackdowns in Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, who planned to transfer heroines, crystal and hashish to India, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates (UAE).

“Investigation is going on over dossier of the all indicts by the CJTF, which after examining the evidences and arguments from both sides, the CJTF would convict the accused traffickers,” added the statement.

Similarly, primary court of CJTF has convicted 1000 drug traffickers including 34 governmental employees, 44 women, five foreigners to one and half-over 21 years prison. Appeal court also sentenced 605 smugglers including 18 women, 29 public services protection in charges to long and short imprisonment.

Some 2226.961 kg heroin, over 6241kg morphine, 11149.087kg opium, 213170kg hashish, 294 crystal, 34kg tablets of K and over 9882 liters alcoholic beverages with large amount of chemicals discovered and seized from the arrested smugglers during last year, noted the statement.

All the convicted drug traffickers would have defense attorneys for their legal defense and would be convicted after separate judicial trials based on the evidence brought before the court and the Counter Narcotics law of the country.

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