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129 civilians killed by Taliban in the past month

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KABUL: At least 129 civilians were killed and 291 others wounded in the violence committed by the Taliban in the past one month, an uptick in violence that potentially could undermine the fragile peace process.

The Taliban fighters have continued their violent campaign against the Afghan civilians, the National Security Council said in a statement on Saturday.

Taliban had a choice to cease the fire and halt taking innocent lives, instead, they chose to kill more and showed no will for peace, NSA spokesman, Javid Faisal said.

In a tweet message, he said that “They (Taliban) killed and wounded 420 civilians, including women and children in the past month, and left many widows, orphans and destruction behind.”

“Taliban carried 1,456 terrorist and destructive activities in the past one month, in which 129 civilians embraced martyrdom and 291 others received injuries,” the statement added.

The group has been accused of violating commitments to reduce the violence, rather it has carried out more attacks in the cities and highways across 30 provinces, it added.

Most of the casualties were made in Samangan, Kandahar and Nangarhar provinces.

Not only suicide attacks and explosions, the Taliban fighters were also engaged in target killings, the statement added. Using sticky bombs, which mostly end up with taking the civilians lives, were also part of these attacks.

Violence against civilians is absolutely in contrast with the principle of war and it is a ‘war crime’ that is being committed by the Taliban on a daily basis, the statement noted.

The Taliban have kept on fighting and big attacks despite the peace deal with the US to reduce violence and restrain from carrying district level attacks. The Taliban continue to do so despite a collective call by the regional countries and the international community for a significant violence reduction. Taliban had earlier said they will keep fighting, terming ceasefire illogical.

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