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136 pollutant sources shut down in Kabul

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KABUL: Afghan authorities have shut down over 136 pollutants sources in different parts of Kabul city as part of campaign against air pollution. Anti-Pollution Joint Committee had brought to the halt about 136 pollutants sources including of some buildings, restaurants, hotels, public baths, and sand factories in the past one month.

Government has implemented an unprecedented pollution crackdown to reduce pollution as recently dense smog, has shrouded and smothered Kabul city. Using coal for heating houses, buildings and substandard goods in bakeries, public baths, some factories and low quality fuel and old vehicles were main factors driving air pollution in Kabul. Following president decree, governmental related organs has formed different committees to curb pollution issues. 

Among 416 pollutant guilds that were inspected, 136 which is 33 percent, were main driver of air pollution that were closed, Head of National Environment Protection Agency (NEPA), Shah Zaman Maiwandi said.

Speaking at a press conference, he said that 132 other sources of pollution were improved as well as 82 others pledge to improve their system to avoid pollution.   

Moreover, during monitoring of traffic department, 398 vehicles being stopped for producing pollution, he added.

Pointing toward 176 complaints recorded over pollution, he said that 53 of it have so been addressed.

He said as coal was one of the other sources of producing pollution, the committee is working for its alterative in the future.

Air pollution has been decreased in Kabul since three weeks, said Deputy of NEPA Ezatullah Sediqi.

He termed monitoring and improving steps as well as recent snowfalls as the main factors behind reduction of pollution.

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