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2.5 million Afghan girls deprived of education

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KABUL: At least 2.5 million girls are deprived of education as the Taliban continue to ban female schooling across Afghanistan since they retook control of the country in 2021.

Every single girl deserves to access quality education, said US Special envoy for Afghan women, girls and human rights Rina Amiri speaking at the Human Rights Council meeting on Friday while laying emphasis on an urgent need for girls to go back to school.

Taliban have banned girls from secondary institutions and universities and Afghan women from working in UN agencies or international assistance groups as part of the most recent wave of restrictions. Their rigid policies towards girls and women have sparked global outcry as the Taliban continue to recognition.

Since the Taliban seized control once again in August 2021, the group has consistently placed restrictions on women and girls, preventing them from participating in public life, employment, or education.

Taliban leaders have shrugged off international calls for women and girls to be given access to education and employment. Refraining from accepting conditions for recognition of their administration, the Taliban even issue warnings to other nations not to meddle in Afghanistan’s domestic affairs.

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