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200 tons of oil extracted daily from “Qashgari” oil field


Kabul: Taliban announced that 200 tons of pure oil worth 130 thousand US dollars is extracted from the Qashgari mine in Sarpul province on a daily basis.

Qashgari oil field in the north of the country, including three parts of Aqdaria, Qashgari and Angut, occupies a total area of 1723 square kilometers, from which 19.6 million tons of oil can be used, and in the near future, if other wells are drilled, that amount of oil will be extracted from It will reach nearly 1000 tons in one night.

Nourullah Amirzadeh, the general engineer of Qashgari oil, said in to National TV that now 200 tons of pure oil are extracted from oil wells.

According to Amirzadeh, since 2018, the extraction of Qashgari oil fields has been stopped, and now, its extraction has been contracted with the Chinese National Company.

Amirzadeh added that another 30 wells are going to be drilled by the Chinese company in the near future, which will increase the amount of oil extraction from 200 tons to 1000 tons per day.

Bazarkami, Qashgari and Zamarodsai are one of Afghanistan’s oil mines in the north of the country, and a total of 10 wells have been drilled in these mines.

Afghanistan’s oil-rich area is in the north, in the provinces of Sare Pol, Faryab and Jawzjan, which total reserves have been estimated at 120 million tons.

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