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204 Taliban killed in Trinkot counterattack

KABUL: The security forces have given tit-for-tat response to the Taliban’s attack in Trinkot, the capital city of southern Uruzgan province, security officials said on Friday.

“Around 204 insurgents were killed and 146 other injuries after heavy clashes erupted between Afghan security forces and the Taliban,” provincial governor spokesman Dost Muhammad Nayab, told Afghanistan Times. “Eight key commanders of the Taliban were also among the killed militants.”

Afghan Air Forces and foreign forces targeted around 1,000 insurgents from air in which they forced to push back from the city while receiving huge casualties, he said. “Insurgents are on run to save their skin.”

Friday afternoon security situation in Trinkot is fully normal and under security forces control, he added. “Concerns that we had two days ago are completely removed.”

13 Afghan police were killed and 14 others were wounded during attack, he added.

Heavy clashes erupted in the Thursday morning when the insurgents stormed into Trinkot, attacking key provincial offices, including police headquarters and the governor house.

Moreover, Deputy Spokesman for the Ministry of Defense, Mohammad Radmanesh told Afghanistan Times security situation in Trinkot is under control of the Afghan security forces and there is nothing to be worried about.

However, he added that still there are some firings at the outskirt of the city, but as a whole Trinkot is under control, where the residents can roam freely without any fear.

He said that Taliban insurgents are sometimes do firings in order to keep security forces busy, and pave ground to take their dead bodies of their fellows.

“Since Taliban insurgents are defeated in other parts of the country, they (Taliban) tried to attack Trinkot in order to hide their failure in the battlefield, but the Afghan security forces repulsed their (Taliban) attack with high spirit and pushed them back from the city,” he said.

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