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Jawzjan teachers defy odds and go for voter registration

AT-KABUL: All the school teachers and other education department workers in the northern province of Jawzjan decided Monday to line up in the voter registration centers, challenging terrorist groups after a deadly suicide attack that targeted a voter registration center in the capital Kabul.

These teachers and education workers announced Monday that they would head for the centers on Tuesday and register to vote for the October parliamentarian election.

“This is an obligation for all of us to register for voting,” head of provincial education department, Abdul Hai Yashin addressed a gathering of teachers in Sheberghan city, the provincial capital.

“The culture of criticism from lawmakers is now popular. People usually accuse their representatives of not working, being corrupt and so on. This is not true, the fact is that some of our representatives have worked that should be appreciated,” he said. “If you are not happy with the work of a representative, why don’t you elect another one? The second one would be probably hard working.”

There are 31 voter registration centers in Sheberghan city and no incident has been so far reported.

But registration centers and electoral employees have been targeted in the provinces of Ghor, Nangarhar, Badghis, Baghlan and the recent deadly attack on a center in Kabul that killed and injured some 200 civilians on Sunday.

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