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24 insurgents blown up by own explosives in Ghazni

AT News Report

KABUL: At least 24 Taliban fighters and three would-be suicide bombers were killed after their own explosive vests detonated in central Ghazni province, security officials said Sunday.

The MoI said in a statement that the incident took place in Musa Kalim village of Nawa district and as a result over three suicide bombers and 12 other militants were killed.

However, the Ministry of Defense (MoD) put the number of those killed at 24. A statement from the ministry confirmed the vests of the three suicide bombers exploded, saying the blast injured dozens of other militants as well.

According to the statement, the dead militants were looking forward to hatch and carry out a terrorist attack on an organization in the province.

No militant group, including the Taliban, has so far said anything in this regard.    

Although, many military raids have been conducted by the Afghan Security Forces in Ghazni, the security situation is deteriorating as the Taliban fighters continue to carry out subversive attacks on the government facilities.

Earlier this month, 12 people were killed and over 179, including schoolchildren wounded after a suicide bomb targeted an intelligence compound in the capital city of the province. The Taliban group had claimed responsibility for the attack while its representatives were, in that time, busy discussing peace talks with some Afghan elites in Doha, Qatar’s capital.

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