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24 sentenced to prison for drug offenses

KABUL: Twenty four people have been given prison sentences by counternarcotics courts of the country for drug trafficking over past week, authorities said Wednesday.

Criminal Justice Task Force said in a statement that its primary and appellate courts have sentenced 24 smugglers to 18 months -30 years prison time.

Counter Narcotics Police (CNP) has seized over 51kg heroin, 7502kg morphine, 659kg opium, 2514kg hashish and 140g crystal from the aforementioned convicted drug runners, added statement.

On the other hand, 41 drug runners were apprehended by CNP at the same period through different crackdown in various provinces and were handed over to CJTF for criminal proceedings.

Out of 41 arrested drug dealer, 14 of them were those smugglers, who struggled to smuggle narcotics through Hamid Karzai airport to India and United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia countries.

Three female smugglers were also among arrested drug runners, asserted statement.

The 41drug traffickers were arrested from Kabul, Nangarhar, Zabul, Paktia and Heart provinces.

Some 29kg heroin, 32kg opium, 9097kg hashish and  21kg tablets of K discovered and seized from the arrested smugglers, noted the statement.

Statement said that the investigation is going on over the dossier of the all indicts by the CJTF, which after examining the evidences and arguments from both sides the CJTF will convict the accused traffickers, added statement.

All the convicted drug traffickers would have defense attorneys for their legal defense and will be convicted after separate judicial trials based on the evidence brought before the court and the Counter Narcotics law of Afghanistan.

KABUL: Counter Narcotics Police (CNP) seized and torched 1750kg morphine during operation in eastern Nangarhar province.

Afghan Counter-Narcotics Special Operation Police, General Command of Police Special Units and Afghan Air Forces carried out a joint ground and air operation in the Achin district of Nangarhar yesterday, which as a result, 1750 kilograms of morphine seized and destroyed in the scene, said a statement issued by Ministry of Interior (MoI).
Statement said that no Joint Forces member was harmed during the operation.
MoI is committed to fight against narcotics and Afghan Counter-Narcotics Special Operation Police are having major success in fighting against smugglers and narcotics.

Anti-narcotics operation will be continued nationwide, mentioned statement.

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