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40pc Afghans to get asylum in Europe: Govt

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: Ministry of Refugee and Repatriation said only 40 percent of the Afghan refugees would get asylum in the European countries.

“Around 250,000 Afghans have applied for asylum in Europe, of whom only 40 will be granted asylum,” Ahmad Wali Hakami, deputy minister said Sunday.

He said that escaping of youth from their country had turned to a serious challenge for the government.

Though the international community has allocated enough amounts to address refugee issues, but the problem still remains unsolved, he added.

“Six million refugees have returned home since 2001 and currently, seven million are living in different regional, Asian, Europe and US states,” he elaborated.

Hakami counted that three million refugees are in Pakistan, 2.4 million in Iran, 650,000 in other regional countries and 350,000 in Europe.

He termed unemployment, insecurity and social problems as the main factor behind immigration.

Minister of refugee and repatriation Sayed Hussain Alemi Balkhi told the lawmakers that the government would consider all regulations including international conventions to address the refugee problems.

Balkhi said 5,000 Afghans return from Pakistan and 1,500 from Iran per day.

Deputy culture minister Kamal Saddat said that “the youth department will exert utmost efforts to address youth problems returning from abroad.”

He said the ministry would provide returnees with education, health facilities as well as microfinance assistance.

He said that those people who go to Europe through illegal ways will face more challenges.

Sadat asked the youth to stay home and try to reach their goals here.

Youth Representative from Takhar province Zabihullah Ibrahimi criticized the high nepotism in the government organs, said that National Unity Government leaders must listen to voice of people and bring reform in the system.

He said that high level of corruption is another challenge in the country, which need to be eliminated.

It pertained to mention that number of families and youth lost their lives on the way to abroad.

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