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60pc population still remains without access to electricity: DABS

AT-KABUL: Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS), the state-owned electricity supplying company, on Monday said that still 60 percent of population has no access to cheap and uninterrupted electricity in the country.

Chief of the DABS, Abdul Razaq Samadi, said that efforts are underway to enhance capacity of the domestic infrastructure and increase access of more people to electricity from 40 percent to 70 percent by 2017.

After signing an agreement with private companies on e-billing system, he said that sufficient budget has been allocated to produce more electricity. Donors have promised to help Afghan government in this regard. Other projects are also underway to transfer electricity to eastern and western provinces, he added.

He said the agreement signed with Afghan Wireless Communication Company, Roshan Communication Company, New Kabul Bank and Marikh Technology is aimed at expanding e-billing system in Kabul.

The consumers would be able to pay their electricity bills via cell phones within no time. The e-payment system will be provided in other provinces as well in near future, Samidi said.

Samidi further said that earlier the DABS was providing e-billing service through Etisalat and two banks.

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