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A nine minutes wonder: AISA’s new staff members kicked out of office

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: Three officials newly appointed in high ranks of Afghanistan Investment Supporting Agency (AISA) by the Minister of Commerce and Industries, who is one of the picks of the Chief Executive, were forcedly pushed out of their offices after 2.5 hours.

1TVNetwork on Wednesday reported that the three individuals were appointed as deputy chief of administrative affairs, deputy head of investment department, and deputy of industrial parks department of AISA.

This move was faced with harsh response by AISA officials as they informed the High Office of Administrative Affairs (HOAA). The HOAC officials later reached the AISA compound with president’s special guards and forcedly pulled the three newly appointed deputies out of their offices.

The report said that the three appointed officials had bodyguards and a number of their friends were there with bunch of flowers to congratulate them on their new posts.

Shortly after the incident, the deputy head of AISA, Mohammad Ibrahim Shams, told newsmen that he well knows who are behind appointment of the individuals and who have supported them. He said that he informed the HOAA about names and other characteristics of the officials.

However, the Minister of Commerce and Industries, Humayun Rasa, accused the AISA officials for using power against the newly appointed officials.

He said he is committed to bring reforms in AISA. “The new figures were not appointed forcedly. They were appointed through a legal process. The AISA officials have forced them to leave their offices. This is not the solution to force someone like this,” he added.

The ex-minister of commerce and industries, Mohammad Amin Farhang, said poor management and insecurity has created several problems in the country. “The private sector is faced with several problems because of ill-management in economy-related agencies. Investors are no more eager to invest in Afghanistan,” he remarked.

Recently, the special envoy of president in good governance, Ahmad Zia Massoud, said that schism on power corridors has affected development in the country. He said the president and chief executive were busy in bickering and distribution of posts between each other, therefore they have paid less attention on good governance and development in the system.

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