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A roadside bomb struck a minivan in Daikundi province, killing at least fifteen civilians

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KABUL: Horrific acts of violence have spread like a stain creeping towards all corners of Afghanistan this year, an escalation that coalesces with stagnating peace talks in Doha to magnify civilian suffering. In the latest string of terrorist attacks, a roadside blast killed at least fifteen civilians in Daikundi province Tuesday morning.

A provincial official says a roadside bomb has struck a minivan in central Daikundi province, killing at least fifteen civilians.

This is as delegations of the Afghan government and the Taliban group are still negotiating terms and conditions of the peace talks which have led so far to new result.

The victims were from several families from the same village, according to Provincial Police Chief Spokesman, Gul Aqa Sajadi. He said the victims included seven women, six children and two men. Three children were injured too.

They had just left their village in Kajran district to visit a shrine when the bomb hit their car, Sajadi added. Two more family members were wounded, he said.

Kajran is near volatile Helmand province. No one claimed responsibility for the attack, but planting roadside bomb is an old tactic of the Taliban which continue to kill civilians in droves.

The bombings indicate that the Taliban still insist to continue their atrocities against people, said Tariq Arian, spokesman to the Ministry of Interior. Taliban insurgents have killed and hurt more than 3,500 innocent people since past six months, he stated.

The Taliban kill Afghan civilians by planting bombs on public roads, while Afghan security forces risk their lives to discover the bombs and protect Afghan citizens, said the Defense Ministry in a statement calling for an end to violence and bombs, “so that the Afghan people can know peace”.

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