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Abdullah believes political division to cause ‘system collapse’

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KABUL: Chairman of the high council for national reconciliation, Abdullah Abdullah says that political controversies among the Afghan leaders would cause possible collapse of the system.
Addressing a ceremony held to mourn the 10th death anniversary of Gen. Dawood Dawood, the former commander of 303 Pamir corps, Abdullah called on the Afghan leaders to overcome their differences and step up efforts for peace.
Mohammad Younus Qanooni, the former vice president of Afghanistan who also participated in the event warned that Afghanistan would plunge into new crisis if the government officials didn’t bring needed tweaks in governance.
Chairman of the high council also hinted that systematic resolving was needed for “question come from the people.”
The remarks of the top Afghan politicians come amid stalled peace process with the government scrambling to form the State Supreme Council that would lead all issues related to the Afghan peace.
The political figures insist on the State Supreme Council to be active as decision-making board while the government tries to authorize the council as consultative body.
Qanooni called the wide gap between the government and people as a reason for possible collapse of the system.
This comes as violence has been ragging across the country as the government and Taliban ramping up offensive to mount pressure on each other amid the U.S. and international forces’ exit.

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