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Abdullah finalizes his partnership gov’t plan

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KABUL: Abdullah Abdullah who has defied the ruling administration’s legitimacy for months has finalized his plan for a partnership government.

The post-election rift between Afghanistan’s political rivals seems nearing an end as Dr. Abdullah’s aides are hinting at the finalization of a plan that would set the motion for a partnership government between him and president Ghani.

Sources privy to Abdullah have said the plan seeks the leadership of the Supreme Peace Council, 50 percent share in cabinet and the authority to appoint some governors. They contend that if this plan is rejected by the president, Dr. Abdullah will push for a second Bonn.

It seems that longstanding mediation bid to reconcile the squabbling leaders holds a slender but propitious promise of rapprochement between the two squabbling leaders. However, president Ghani who may know the plan is believed to be much less likely to nod to a partnership government.

This is as the United States has been pushing for formation of an all-inclusive government in Afghanistan. President Trump has threatened to cut $1 billion in aid to Afghanistan over the political stalemate. He has also been pressuring Afghan leaders to iron out their differences and work for unity and focus on peace negotiations.

Speculations have abounded in recent days suggesting that Abdullah Abdullah may be contemplating accepting president Ghani’s offer to lead the Supreme Peace Council – a position with benevolence of much authority.

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