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Abdullah scorned for his failure to form reconciliation council

‘Stop traveling around – determining reconciliation council is important for national consensus on the peace’

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KABUL: Political analysts hardly criticize Abdullah Abdullah, the chairman of the reconciliation council for getting busy in overseas tours and not finalizing the shape of the council.

The analysts said Tuesday that Abdullah should first make a national consensus on the peace and then try to attract foreigners’ attention.

Abdullah lately traveled to Iran, Pakistan, India, Uzbekistan and Turkey apparently with the aim of having their supports for the ongoing peace efforts.

His foreign visits were strongly criticized by critics.

“Dr. Abdullah’s overseas tours are important but it could be more important if he would have shaped the reconciliation council first,” Faizullah Jalal, political science lecturer at the Kabul University.

“Mr. Abdullah has had a few achievements in his foreign visits, but he’d better speed up homework,” Malalai Shinwari, a member of parliament said.

However, the reconciliation council promises to announce the 46-member council’s formation soon.

Gulbuddin Hekmatyar and Rahmatullah Nabil who are reportedly members of the council have not commented yet.

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