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Activists lash at Taliban sympathizers, HPC for mourning Mullah Omar

Akhtar M. Nikzad-KABUL: Criticizing a number of Taliban supporters and members of the High Peace Council for holding mourning ceremony for Mullah Omar in Kabul, the civil society activists said that Pakistan has spies in the government of Afghanistan who were supporting such acts.

Welcoming the National Directorate of Security’s (NDS) statement about ban on mourning ceremonies for Mullah Omar, the civil society activists in a press conference on Tuesday said that true Afghans should be loyal to Afghanistan rather than acting as agents of foreign spy agencies.

Spokesman for the NDS, Hasib Sidiqi, on Tuesday asked the people to refrain from participating and organizing the mourning ceremonies for the Taliban’s late supreme leader.

“The government ordered the security forces to prevent aggregations and condolence sessions for Mullah Omar. It will be the legitimate military target, common people should be aware,” he said.

In the last couple of days, several mourning seasons for Mullah Omar were held in various parts of the country by a number of political parties including senior officials of the High Peace Council (HPC) and called the dead Taliban leader a “Mujahid” (a person who struggles for the sake of Islam).

The activists claimed that several agents of the regional intelligence agencies are working in the government.

They said that death of Mullah Omar should be taken as a warning sign that foreign spy agencies are supporting the militant group and got agents in the government.

The government is not serious in taking action against those who called Omar a Mujahid. Using such word for a militant is insult to sacrifices and struggle of Afghan security forces, the activists said.

Aziz Rafi, an activist, said that everyone who supports criminals, particularly the Taliban insurgents, is committing a serious crime and those who announced their support for the Taliban deserve strict punishment.

“Unfortunately, the government lacks a particular military strategy against the anti-state elements and has not distinguished friends from enemies,” he said.

Abdullah Ahmadi, another activist, said that Mullah Omar’s crimes and cruelties are unforgettable and unforgiveable.

“The Taliban had killed innocent people in different ways. People never hold mourning ceremonies for Mullah Omar but it is ignorance of the government that such sessions took place. The government shall not remain calm but show reaction,” he said.

According to the United Nations’ report on conflict casualties, from 2009 up to 2014 around 17,774 civilians were killed and 29,971 injured by armed Taliban and other insurgent groups.

The United Nations in another report said that 3,699 civilians were killed and 6,849 injured in Afghanistan’s conflict in 2014. Taliban were involved in 72 percent of the casualties.

Rahim Jami, an activist, asked the government to arrest those HPC members and politicians who earlier called Osama Bin Laden a martyr and now hold mourning sessions for Mullah Omar.

The activists also issued a resolution asking the government to clarify its position against Taliban insurgents and detain those agents who work in government offices but do what their “foreign masters” want.

They also asked the United Nations to put the Taliban insurgents in the blacklist.

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