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ADB to fund Kamal Khan, Kajaki, Dahla dams

Abdul Zuhoor Qayomi-KABUL: Minister of Water and Energy on Tuesday said the Asian Development Bank (ADB) had shown its interest to provide funds for construction of Kamal Khan, Kajaki and Dahla dams.

Addressing a press conference here, Ali Ahmad Osmani said that the three major dams are part of the master plan for the coming year.

He said the Kajaki dam in Helmand, Dahla dam in Kandahar and Kamal Khan dam in Nimroz are important projects that had been prioritized by the ministry. The minister said that discussion over construction of the Kamal Khan dam was underway with the ADB as 70 percent of dam’s design has been completed.

Construction of Baghdara Dam in Kapisa which will produce 248 megawatt electricity is also part of the master plan. Discussion over the project is running with China.

Osmani said that construction of 20 small hydropower projects are also part of the master plan for the coming year if the donors provided fund.

CASA-1000 and 500kV power transmission line from Turkmenistan are other major projects pointed out by the minister. He said that procurement has been finalized while agreement with Turkmenistan on power supply has been signed recently in Kabul.

Joint regional hydropower projects over the joint waters are also part of the program to supply the required energy to Afghanistan as well as to the region through joint investment, added Osmani.

Supply of electricity to the deprived areas at cheaper rates through private sector is also included the in the plan.

He further said that the law on energy management has been drafted and licenses were issued to some private companies. Gas, coal, solar, wind and water are the major energy production sources. The plan was submitted in the Senior Officials Meeting this month. The donor countries have showed interest to support the power projects.

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