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Afghan airliner resumes foreign flights

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KABUL: Kam Air, a private airline in Afghanistan has restarted flights to foreign destinations.

The airline said on Sunday that their flights to Turkey’s cities of Ankara and Istanbul were normalized, while their air taxis have one flight per week to Islamabad of Pakistan.

The Kam Air has also resumed 40 per cent of its domestic flights, however, the company is suffering an 80 per cent reduction in incomes.

“Nothing is like it was in the past. Though restrictions have lessened, but our passengers to Turkey and Pakistan are fewer than before. We need a trust building to persuade passengers to travel with us. I can say that tourism and aviation industry has suffered a lost,” said Solaiman Omar, the airline’s marketing manager.

The Kam Air had extraordinary flights to and from India, Saudi Arabia and Turkey even during the quarantine lockdowns.

Officials in the Civil Aviation Department, say that the Kam Air suffered 20 million dollars during the quarantine period began from late March, while the Ariana Airline, a government-run company had suffered 12 million dollars.

Naeim Salehi, spokesman of the civil aviation department said Sunday that all domestic and foreign flights were banned in the quarantine period and the sky of Afghanistan was not used by any foreign airplanes either.

Salehi said that Turkish Airline and Emirate Airline have resumed flights to Afghanistan in recent weeks.

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