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Afghan forces bracing for Daesh threat: MoI

By Farhad Naibkhel-KABUL: Ministry of Interior (MoI) on Tuesday said that comprehensive security policies were carved out to deal with the emerging threat of the Islamic State (IS).

The interior ministry’s spokesman Sediq Sediqi said the Islamic State, popular as Daesh in Afghanistan, is going to accelerate its activities in some parts of the country. While not providing exact details, he said that according to intelligence reports the terror group is in the quest to increase its presence.

However, he claimed that Afghan law enforcement agencies are well prepared to upset the IS.

Pointing to Mullah Abdul Raouf Khadem, who was killed in Helmand, he said that most of those who call themselves Daesh fighters were associated with the Taliban, Haqqani Network and Al-Qaeda.

Around three months ago media reported about presence of Daesh in the country, however, the analysts believe that they are Taliban fighters but using the IS’s black flag.

Speaking about the pro-government militia that sparked concerns, he said that ministry was not distributing weapons. “We are supporting only the uprising movements against the Taliban. Not all of them are armed. Some of the militiamen already have weapons. We are trying to support local police,” he claimed.

Sediqi said the Taliban believed that after withdrawal of international troops from the country, Afghan forces would not be able to maintain security. “Thus, they intensified their attacks in some parts of the country, but faced serious resistance. The Taliban mostly attack public places, killing and injuring civilians,” the spokesman said

He added that the Taliban are not in the position to face Afghan security forces in the ‘battlefield’.

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