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Afghan government is corrupt: US presidential candidate Warren

KABUL: Afghan government is a corrupt government, US Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren said on Friday.

“What has all these years of war brought us? Right now, the Afghan Government controls less than 60% of the land. People don’t have faith in it. It’s a corrupt government. The opium trade is higher than ever,” Senator Warren said speaking at a presidential debate.

She suggested Afghanistan crisis cannot be solved militarily and US troops should be withdrawn.

“I want to know where our allies are. We all have an interest in dealing with terrorism and controlling terrorism, but that means it can’t just be the United States waging endless war. That does not make us safer. It does not make the region safer. It does not make the world safer,” Warren said.

“We should work with our allies in managing terrorism, but we need to end this war in Afghanistan. We cannot wait five more years, or 10 more years, or until we turn the corner 10 more times. We need to bring our combat troops home,” Warren said.

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