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Afghan Government Offers Tax Exemptions and Incentives to Encourage Investment Return

AT Kabul: Nooruddin Azizi, head of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce and leader of the Facilitation Committee for Businessmen and Industrialists, announced that Afghan traders returning to the country will enjoy a five-year tax exemption. Azizi emphasized the creation of additional incentives for investors, including land distribution in industrial parks and banking facilities.

“Traders who return from foreign countries and invest in Afghanistan for five years in the industrial sector will be exempt from all their taxes for five years,” stated Azizi. He further highlighted ongoing efforts to facilitate the transfer of assets belonging to Afghan investors in Pakistan back to Afghanistan through a specialized mechanism.

Azizi asserted that safeguards are in place to prevent any interference, confiscation, or imposition on the assets of Afghan citizens or others, reassuring investors of the security of their assets. A committee member, Abdul Rahman Sajad, encouraged Afghan investors abroad to return and invest in the country, emphasizing favorable conditions for the transition of businesses and factories.

The Chamber of Commerce and Investment noted that a substantial portion (30 to 35%) of Afghan investments are currently entwined with Pakistan’s economy, underscoring the importance of repatriating capital. Khanjan Alkozi, a member of the Chamber’s Board of Directors, acknowledged that Afghan immigrants in Pakistan engage in business, and the initiative aims to encourage the return of investments to Afghanistan.

Following the expulsion of immigrants from Pakistan, the interim government has imposed restrictions, limiting the transfer of funds to fifty thousand Pakistani rupees. The new incentives and tax exemptions aim to revitalize the Afghan economy by encouraging returning investors and fostering growth in key sectors.

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