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Afghan-Pakistan tension: Resolving of misunderstanding is must

By Ali Jan Khan-Amidst hectic efforts for return of peace and reconciliation in Afghanistan, its relations with neighboring Pakistan are deteriorating day by day. Sealing of entry points between the two countries, now Afghan diplomats have also halted activities in Peshawar Consulate, protesting over not only checking and harassing of visitors but also forcibly disembarking the diplomats from their diplomatic vehicles for identity and body search on the name of security. Not only this but trading of allegations amongst higher civilian, political and diplomatic dignitaries now also touching its peak. Some of trouble makers from Pakistan fueling tension by suggesting government to raid and conquer Afghanistan.

Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai during his recent chat with media-persons suggested that Pakistan had to show sincerity towards Afghanistan, which help in early return of peace and tranquility not only in Afghanistan but throughout the region. The journalists from Pakistan are currently visiting Kabul on the invitation of Equal Access, an international media body working for building public goodwill through quality reporting in 10 countries including Pakistan and Afghanistan. Mr. Karzai said that Pakistan and Afghanistan are not only neighboring countries but its people are linked up in unbreakable relations with each others. “It is hard for common people to disassociate them of each other whatever might be relations between the governments, therefore, government from both the countries are bound to keep in mind wishes and interests of the people.”

Hamid Karzai conceded that Pakistan having the right to ensure that neighboring countries soil would not be used against its interests but having no right to force the neighbors of limiting its relations with other foreign countries. Not only Hamid Karzai but most of the Afghan leaders and elites have time and again assured that they would not tolerate enemies of Pakistan to use Afghan soil for the purpose. Afghans right from sitting President Dr. Ashraf Ghani and former President Hamid Karzai till common men are always praising Pakistan and its people for extending them unprecedented support to them at very crucial time and tough circumstances. On such grounds, it seems hard for the Afghans to let others, especially India to work against Pakistan from Afghanistan. But the space, fell vacant in Afghanistan due to failure of Pakistan is now being filled by India.

Pakistan and Afghanistan are not only neighboring countries but both the countries are sharing similar history, traditions, cultural and religious norms and traditions. Despite sharing 2670 kilometers long border with each others, there still exists distance, which needs to be eliminated. With elimination of such distances and substituting of hostilities, misunderstanding by friendships and trusts, both the countries and its people could easily tackle almost of politico-economic and administrative issues. Both the countries beside economic disorder, poverty, illiteracy and unemployment are ahead with hard core issue of violence and terror. Unless and until entering into trust worthy relations with each other and adopting a joint strategy, it is hard for any of these two neighboring countries to settle it at alone.

In fact, ongoing violence, terror and fueling hostilities between Kabul and Islamabad became major revenue and income sources for a large number of regional and rest of the world countries, spy agencies and individuals. In particular, terror enabled the United States to remain in the region and pressurize rest of Asian countries in general and Gulf States in particular to go ahead with State Office and Pentagon dictations. Common people not only from Afghanistan but also from neighboring Pakistan in particular and rest of the region in general are being suffered. It is the time for Afghan and Pakistan leadership to realize their responsibilities at this crucial stage.

In his detail chat with media people, mostly from Pakistan, former Afghan President Hamid Karzai has focused his views on relations with Pakistan. He also pointed out holding a meeting with Pakistan former President Asif Ali Zardari in London and also receiving an invitation letter from Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. In response of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif invitation, Karzai announced of making a trip to Pakistan in coming July. It is the time for leadership of both the neighboring countries to get benefits of Hamid Karzai visit and proposals.

By averting and resolving of misunderstanding and meaningless hostilities, leadership of both the neighboring countries could pave the ways for economic revolution in the region. Geographical location of Afghanistan and Pakistan could compel both east and west for honoring wishes and interests of its people. Restoration of cordial relations and resolution to misunderstanding could also pave the ways for resolving of all other regional disputes, which is in interests of terror affected masses.

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