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Afghan Refugees in Iran Complain of Mistreatment

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KABUL: Afghan refugees in Iran complained about the bad treatment of the Iran government towards them, saying they have been harassed and disturbed.

As Afghanistan is going through a severe economic condition, thousands of people are seeking to illegally cross the border to make an end meets abroad.

“I went to Iran four months ago. But due to their bad treatment even with people who had visas, I went to the police and surrendered myself to come back to Afghanistan,” said Sayed Mumtaz, an Afghan refugee who returned back to the country.

“The big problem is lack of residential documents. Many people have recently come to this country,” said Nasrullah Kashani, an Afghan refugee in Iran.

A video being circulated on social media shows Afghan refugees being harassed and tortured in Iran.

The Islamic Emirate urged the Iran government to treat the Afghan refugees with good conduct.

According to available figures, around five million Afghans are living in Iran.

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