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Afghan-Taliban peace talks resume in Doha with ceasefire on agenda

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KABUL: The negotiating team of the government left on Tuesday Kabul for Doha to resume the intra-Afghan negotiations, but the Taliban yet to determine the procedure of the talks  as violence has been on the rise all over the country.

Head of the delegation, Mohammad Masoom Stanekzai hoped that the second round of the negotiations would reach a breakthrough on ending the bloodshed in Afghanistan.  

A member of the negotiating team, Nader Naderi said in a tweet that the delegation has been consulted with vital guides and are fully ready to resume the negotiations with the Taliban. He stressed on the agreement on ceasefire, saying that the consultancies with the leadership stipulated that the truce is the prior wish of the people.

Faridon Khawzon, a spokesman for the high council for national reconciliation, said that the delegation held a meeting with the council’s leadership on late Monday. The delegation was briefed of prior issues to be discussed in the negotiations, he added.

Earlier, a member of the negotiating team said that the next round of the talks would focus on power sharing.

Although, the government officials have shared information with the media about the resumption of the talks with the Taliban, while the group yet to give any information regarding the negotiations.

The Taliban spokesman in Qatar, where the group maintains a political office, said that there was no final decision on the agendas of the negotiations as of now.

The Arab News quoted Naeem Wardak as saying that both sides put some suggestions on the table before the three-week break, but no final decision has been made so far. He cited the group’s deal with the US as the basis of the negotiations, saying that both sides would reach a ceasefire based on the deal.

As the intra-Afghan negotiation entered a new phase, the US special envoy for Afghanistan reconciliation, Zalmay Khalilzad kicked off his regional visit to gain further progress in the peace process.

 “I return to Doha and the region with expectations that the parties will make tangible progress in the next round of Afghanistan Peace Negotiations,” he added.

Giving details to the lawmakers on the security situation in the country, Intelligence Chief Mohammad Zia Seraj said that their information revealed that the Taliban were not willing for peace.

The peace talks had begun on 12 September 2020 aiming at finding an end to the longest war in the country. The negotiations lasted for more than three months and finally both sides reached a breakthrough on the procedure of the talks.

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