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Afghanistan-China Corridor opening: First train from China arrived in Hairatan port


Kabul: After signing of the memorandum of understanding on the establishment of an economic corridor between Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and China this year, the first commercial train entered the border town of Hairatan on Thursday, and this corridor was inaugurated by Chinese and local officials of Taliban in Balkh province and during a ceremony.

In the opening ceremony of this economic corridor in the port town of Harayatan, the Governor of Balkh called this economic corridor very vital for the people of Afghanistan and said: The opening of this economic corridor is good news for the people of Afghanistan and the Islamic Emirate is trying to strengthen political and economic relations with the whole world, especially neighboring countries.

He added that “The opening of this economic corridor is really a great achievement for our businessmen and the businessmen of the countries that are partners in this corridor.”

“Import and export of goods through this corridor reach their destination as soon as possible, as the current shipment has arrived from China to Balkh within 11 days.” He stated.

This is despite the fact that in the past, commercial goods arrived in the country from China within two months.

The Balkh governor said that one of the other benefits of this corridor is the use of the railway and it reduces expenses in transferring property, and the price of goods.

Meanwhile, head of the Balkh Railway also stated at the opening of this economic corridor that before this, commercial goods from China entered the country via Karachi, Pakistan or Chabahar, which took about two months. But for now, it has reached the country in the shortest possible time and has fewer costs for traders.

The opening of this corridor has increased optimism among the businessmen of the country, especially in the north, and they also want more cooperation from the Taliban interim government in this regard.

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